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This informative, actionable information style podcast has helped thousands of listeners take action with their money goals. The show offers short, high impact, actionable episodes alongside episodes that feature leading experts in the industry to help you build wealth and achieve your money goals.

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Hi, I’m Courtney!

Courtney Dyer is passionate about helping others build their knowledge and confidence when it comes to their finances. Money doesn't have to be a scary or intimidating topic and Courtney realized through years of experience in the financial industry and helping thousands of individuals with their money,

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The Financially Free Journey Podcast was created to dispel the seemingly complex topic of personal finances, money management, debt, saving, investing and even retirement. Courtney Dyer is the host and has over 12 years of experience in the financial industry and was inspired to create the show after seeing individuals make the same money mistakes, regardless of their economic background, upbringing and income. Through her educational background and her professional experience in the industry, Courtney realized the need to simplify and demystify all things money in order to empower the everyday adult.

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On this episode we nerd out about money with Krisstina Wise.  Krisstina makes the connect

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Here’s a Major...

On this episode I talk with Vanessa Shaw, founder & CEO of The Business Growth Academy

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Learn Directly From ...

On this episode we talk to James McKinney, entrepreneur, creator of the The Startup Story

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Financially Free

I am listening to this show to be financially free, learn about stocks, investing, and growing the money mind. I ABSOLUTELY love this podcast! The size of the podcast and the way she explains everything makes so much sense! Cheers to being financially free and growing YOUR MONEY MIND!

Laura Mooniepie, December 19, 2020

A little obsessed

I first found Courtney’s Instagram through my sister in law and after a few months of liking her posts I finally decided to check out her podcast. I love the bite size pieces of information she shares in a way that I can understand. I literally binged all her episodes in like a week!

SisSarah, March 9, 2021

Topical, easy to understand and entertaining

Courtney, Thank you for widening my knowledge of investing and how to make informed and intentional decisions with my money. Your episodes are right to the point, and I look forward to listening to them daily in the car or taking my dogs for a walk! Thank you for making this really important topic less intimidating and more manageable! Anyone reading this it’s totally worth giving it a try! You’ll be happy you did.

Mallorykatemiller, November 11, 2020

To the point info!

Clear, concise, and very informative. Thanks for all the guidance! Keep up the great work.

Rob Bejusca, November 26, 2020


Courtney is hands down the best! She’s motivating, energetic, and makes saving money fun! I love listening to her in the morning while I’m getting ready for my day. Everything she has to say is super straight forward and makes sense. I’m hooked :)

Kelli Priee

Love this podcast!!

I look forward to listen to this podcast! Courtney knows all there is to helping you financially and she makes it seem so easy! She gives you the keys to help you become successful in your goals and budget!!


New Found Focus

After finishing this simple course, I feel so focused and ready to make change!


Already Making Money Moves

The lessons were really straight forward and easy to understand. I have already made some big moves with my money thanks to this course.


Actionable Lessons

I’ve bought other courses where they just knowledge dump on you. This course was all about action and making change as you took each lesson. Loved it!


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