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On this episode we nerd out about money with Krisstina Wise.  Krisstina makes the connection between our financial wealth and our physical health.  Krisstina fell into a pattern continually wanting to achieve more wealth, while missing out on life and pushing her physical health to the brink of disaster.


Krisstina got very ill while at the height of her career.  She got sicker and sicker and no one could figure out what was wrong.  Her regret was that she was dying and had not even lived yet, even with all the financial success.


She spent years building up wealth, just to trade it in to save her life.  She also realized she was trading time with her family, kids and not living in the present moment.  She was always thinking about the future and how to obtain more wealth.


The hustle mentality has become a cultural component.  People are hustling harder than ever thinking when they get “there” then they can live life.  “There” isn’t a set, concrete target so the strive continues.  Another part of this mentality is the need to get “there” as fast as possible.  This has become a race and people are missing out on the beauty of life while striving faster and faster.


Krisstina restructured her life to not only build her wealth and plan for the future, but to also live life authentically and maintain her health.


Everyone has different numbers on what living a meaningful life looks like.  One exercise Krisstina does with clients is looking at how much it actually cost to live a meaningful life.  If no one is watching the car you drive or the things you wear, what would a meaningful life look like to you.  This life usually cost less than people think.


Where is the tradeoff?  There is always a tradeoff.  Hours worked vs. time with your family or time spent taking caring of yourself.  What are those things worth to you.


We are moving away from everyone else’s definition of success and into looking internally at our own true definition of success.

Krisstina’s book, Falling for Money, discusses the importance of developing a healthy relationship with money.  This book changes the paradigm of money being an external source of validation and something to chase, to something that can greatly improve our lives.  Money can help us live authentically and can be something to fall in love with.  The goal is to teach others on how to live a very whole and integrative life.


The one thing Krisstina wants people to take away is any relationship is defined by action.  To have a healthy relationship with money it takes time and attention with your money.  Money is a lifeskill and something to be learned.  Take the time to learn and master the skill of money.

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