Finally Financially Free: Courtney Dyer Uses Over a Decade of High-Level Experience to Help Others

From her start as a self proclaimed money “nerd”, Courtney Dyer, creator of Financially Free Journey, has continued to expand her knowledge to become a licensed general securities representative and help others on their path to financial freedom. Her business, Financially Free Journey, includes a popular podcast and educational platform through online courses. Financially Free Journey helps individuals feel confident in achieving their money goals, eliminating debt, and understanding that anyone can build wealth, regardless of their income or background.

“I decided that I had to find a way to help more people, on a larger scale so they too could find themselves on the path to financial freedom and achieving their money goals” Courtney says.

Courtney is well qualified to help others find their financial freedom. She has over a decade in experience working in the financial industry in various high-level executive positions. Having managed millions in assets, helping her clients build their wealth, generate multiple streams of income, and completely eliminate debt, has prepared Courtney to be able to help others find themselves on the path to financial freedom and achieving their money goals.

“After seeing how so many people struggle with their personal finances, I decided that I needed to find a way to help people achieve their money goals on a wider scale. Our public education system teaches little about personal finances and how to handle money, which is a huge reason as to why so many people struggle to understand a process/path to building wealth and financial freedom.” explains Courtney.

Courtney’s passion for helping others came both from her early experience and interest in money, and her realization in her early 20s to take a hard look at her finances. She realized that expecting debt as a “new normal” wasn’t going to cut it. She never wanted to get used to the stress and anxiety that came with credit card payments, loans and surmounting debt.

“Even though I was earning a great salary, I always seemed to be just barely making it with little to nothing left over after paying all my bills. I mean, I wasn’t even a big spender but I still had no idea where the heck all my money was going!” Courtney recalls.

Her interest in finance was further supported by a bachelor’s degree in business finance, an MBA, and accreditation as a licensed general securities representative. With the education and experience, Courtney just needed to hone in on the right mindset to start her business and help others.

“You need to have a clear vision for where you are trying to go and what you want your business to achieve. If you have a clear vision, you will always be able to lean on it when things get hard or become uncertain. The only way to truly grow a business is to not be afraid of failure because in failure is where the true growth and learning happens,” says Courtney.

Unlike the competition, Courtney and her business’ vision are different because of her formal education and knowledge from overcoming her own personal financial struggles in her early 20s.

“I understand exactly what it feels like to be worried about your bills and to not see a clear path forward from the money mistakes I have made. My own experience made me stronger and was instrumental in helping me create a path for others to be successful with their money,” Courtney explains.

Moving forward to creating her own business, Courtney has been able to define her own version of fear and success. She fully understands the fear is necessary, as long as you know what to do with it, as well as how success can define your growth.

“We all have fear when we face uncertainty and are trying to stretch ourselves outside of our comfort zones; it’s a sign that you are growing, learning and getting better. On the other hand, success is the ability to continue to push forward, being able to learn from your failures and become stronger than you were before. Constantly evolving, growing and learning is success to me,” Courtney outlines.

Fully understanding success and failure have made it possible for Courtney to overcome countless obstacles in her career. Unable to name just one, she’s able to recount instead constant obstacles that surface in any point in her business and financial ventures.

“The constant obstacle is being able to continue to push forward mentally, not doubt myself or my ideas because I know I can help people if I don’t let past obstacles dictate my future growth,” says Courtney.

Along with her successes in Financially Free Journey, Courtney is excited to start two new online courses in the near future. The courses are focused on investing for beginners and building wealth through tax saving strategies, which were two topics that were highly sought after by podcast subscribers.

“I know that investing can be scary for a lot of people and there are tons of misconceptions. I want to bring my simple, streamlined approach to the masses to help them take their financial goals to the next level,” Courtney says.



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