Here’s a Major Secret to Getting Rich with Vanessa Shaw

On this episode I talk with Vanessa Shaw, founder & CEO of The Business Growth Academy,
along with the Podcast “Get Rich Without Being a Bitch.” Vanessa helps women take their
passion and grow their business.

Vanessa Shaw was a stay at home mom who supported her husband in his career. She never had an
MBA, but always had a passion for wanting to help people in the world and wanted to have a
business. She became a life coach and landed a big gig in the corporate world. She had this
calling to move her family from Switzerland to the U.S. That is where she started from scratch
and really thought about who she wanted to serve.

Vanessa founded The Business Growth Academy which helps female – service based
entrepreneurs who have already hit the six figure mark, grow to the high six to seven figure

Some of the biggest obstacles Vanessa sees generally stems from mindset. This
encompasses how we are thinking, how we are looking at the problems to solve and also how
we are living. Are we showing up as the thing we want? Are we showing up as that seven
figure business woman?

Often times, Vanessa sees women struggling with boundaries, saying yes to too many things
and wanting to serve everyone. Imposter syndrome is another big challenge. Women often
question if they are smart enough, cut out for business or truly are expert enough to speak on a

Vanessa helps women overcome their self limiting beliefs by acknowledging the fear and
integration. This involves looking at which parts of the behavior are good. For example,
Vanessa always thought she had to be bitchy and cold hearted to become successful, the very
type of person she did not like. She realized that in times where she thought she was showing
up a little bitchy, she was actually setting good boundaries. It is also important to identify
areas where one can be triggered in these self limiting beliefs and develop strategies to
minimize these.

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Vanessa urges that you can consciously decide who you want to show up as in life and in your
business. You don’t have to show up perfectly groomed and in high heels to become
successful. Taking different actions that lead us to who we want to be and getting different
results, makes one realize they capable of bigger things.

Vanessa urges listeners that your business will only grow by how much you are willing to grow

As a bonus I offer some key points at the beginning of the podcast on current buzzwords and
trends in the stock market to help you navigate your financial goals.

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